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Here you will find pictures of my resources that are for sale and some of the art pieces that I have created. Absolutely anything can be made and all pieces are completely customisable. If you have an idea in mind then please contact me and I will try my best to turn it into a reality for you. Creating art is what helps my own mental health and so I will always make time for doing this. 

You can purchase anything by simply contacting me on any of my platforms. Alternatively, take a look at my Etsy shop to purchase artwork - 

Mindful Discoveries - Resources, Art and Books
Example of Message Box Personalisations
Adult Affirmation Cards
Whylee's Coronavirus Tale
Personalised Message Box
Definition Prints
Daily Planner
Positivity Cards
Children's Affirmation Cards
Line Drawing
Scribble Drawing
Watercolour Painting
Whylee's Mindful Tale
Art Print
Mindfulness Worksheet
Affirmation Cards
Watercolour and Ink Painting
Art Print
Market Stall
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