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Books By Megan at Mindful Discoveries

I am extremely proud to say, that through creating Mindful Discoveries, I have become a published author and illustrator!


I have developed a range of children's books titled 'Whylee's Tales Of Wonder'. These are a series of innovative children’s books designed to answer questions and enlighten children about global issues and potential taboo subjects such as mental health.


Whylee is the most curious creature in the whole wide world. His favourite thing to do is simply ask why and he is always wondering why certain things and people are the way they are. You can join this wondrous creature through a range of different stories and become enlightened by reading the questions he asks. Follow Mindful Discoveries on Instagram/Facebook to see Whylee behind the scenes and for sneak peaks of other books! Click the button below to view the books on Amazon! (Books can also be purchased on my Etsy shop)

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