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I am more than my anxiety and so are you...

Updated: Feb 6, 2021

Anxiety is something I have struggled with for as long as I can remember and at times it has made my life extremely hard.

My anxiety will never go away and I have learnt to accept that it is just one part of me and I have learnt how to manage it better, but it is still very apparent. This does not mean to say I have an unhappy life, I have an amazing life and I have many amazing memories that I will be forever grateful for. I am also excited for the future and to create many more amazing memories. However anxious thoughts are still a huge part of my day to day life.

If you are reading this blog post or following my Instagram

for a magical cure for anxiety or other mental wellbeing issues... I'm truly sorry but I haven't got it, as much as I sometimes wished I did.

I am here to try and help manage anxious thoughts. My anxiety still takes over sometimes, but that is ok. My anxiety affects my relationships sometimes, but that is ok. My anxiety makes me cry sometimes, but that is ok. I am more than my anxiety, and so are you.

Here are some of my tips for dealing with anxious thoughts:

- Reflecting on the fact my brain automatically fears the worse in every single situation ever! (once you know this is what you do, it becomes easier to manage) Yes, that awful thing could or might happen, but the chances of it are very minuscule, remember that. Also remember that if something bad does happen, the pain will not last forever and you are stronger than you know.

- Knowing and remembering that fate or 'unluckiness' has never been proven. If something bad happens that was out of my control, it is important to remember that it was never down to being un-lucky. Only react to situations that you can actually control and don’t rise to the things that are beyond your control.

- Gratitude / Thankful Lists! I have said this before on my Instagram but when my anxious thoughts are taking over, my favourite mindfulness technique is to sit and write down everything I am grateful for. For example, when my head is telling me I have the ugliest body in the world, acknowledging that I have a healthy body that is keeping me alive at this very moment helps.

- Knowing and remembering that people cannot see inside my head! When my anxious thoughts are whizzing round and round my brain, making me feel sick, making me feel dizzy etc. remember that people cannot see this, I promise you, you never look weird or strange, people cannot always tell this is what your feeling and what is happening in your head is most likely happening in lots of other peoples also.

Tips for managing anxiety attacks / panic attacks etc:

- The 5,4,3,2,1 technique. I have learnt about this technique and used it myself... This technique is a grounding technique and works to bring you back to reality. It works like this - list 5 things you can see, 4 things you could touch, 3 things you can hear, 2 things you can smell and 1 thing you can taste or you would like to taste. If this is too much, list one thing for each of your senses, it really helps to bring you back into reality and it calms you down having something to focus on.

- Go outside and look up at the sky and the clouds. Try and make shapes from the clouds. If it's night time, take comfort in knowing that wherever you are in the world, everyone is looking at the same moon. You are one tiny part of this amazing universe. The world is still turning and you are still breathing, concentrate on your breathing, in and out slowly and deeply. You are here and you are living and this is magic.

I really hope these might help guys, they help me! It's also super important to have people around you who understand your anxiety and support you. I am lucky enough to have an amazing family and boyfriend who do this. My anxiety and uneasiness about situations is better than it was before, but I know it will never go, its a part of who I am.

My anxiety enables me to think and experience things on a deeper level, and love those around me incredibly deeply. I know this is both a blessing and a curse but try to focus on the blessing.

I am more than my anxiety, and so are you!

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