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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a mental health service?

As I am not a qualified mental health professional, no this is not a mental health service. This is simply a place to discuss mental health and wellness. Everything included in Mindful Discoveries is purely my experiences/opinions/understandings. I just want people who are feeling low or struggling with their mental wellbeing to have a place to go where they feel safe, can learn more about mental health and feel uplifted.

How do I purchase your products or artwork?

You can purchase everything through my Etsy shop -

 If you wish to purchase any personal artwork/commission pieces then please contact me direct on the website, via Instagram/Facebook or email me on Anything can be created and all pieces can be completely customisable so if you have an idea in mind then just ask! My books can be purchased via the Etsy shop or on Amazon. 

If this is a mental health page, why do you do personal/commission artwork?

Mindful Discoveries was set up just as much to help me as it was to help other people. I love creating artwork and it keeps me feeling positive and happy, so this is why I will always take on commission artwork as well as posting artwork surrounding mental wellness.

What qualifications do you have?

Although Mindful Discoveries has never been about professional mental health work, I know that for many, it is nice to see what qualifications people hold.  Here are my qualifications: 
BA Honours Degree  - Education with Special Needs and Disability (this included studying mental health/illness)
Level 3 Child Psychology Diploma 
Bereavement and Loss Training 
Supporting Mental Health and Wellbeing of Children and Young People
Zero Suicide Alliance Training
Qualified 'SHOUT' Mental Health Crisis Volunteer

Level 5 Diploma in Education and Training 

Senior Mental Health Lead Training 

How do you create your artwork?

Most of my art is created on my IPad using an app called procreate. However, I do also use watercolour paints. 

I took Art and Design at GCSE and A-Level but aside from that I am self taught. Especially when it comes to digital art as this is something I never tried until I set up Mindful Discoveries. 

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